GeneXpert Omni

GeneXpert® Omni*

The True Point of Care Molecular Diagnostic System

  • * Statements and products depicted are forward-looking. Not available for diagnostic use.

    Introducing the GeneXpert Omni

    • Small and Portable
    • Proven Cartridge Technology
    • Durable
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Automatic Connectivity
    • Solid State
    • Integrated Battery

    For the Point of Care and Emerging Markets

    Leveraging existing cartridge technology, GeneXpert Omni expands accurate clinical molecular diagnostic testing into disseminated locations around the world that demand portability, connectivity and ease-of-use — ranging from resource-limited settings to a neighborhood specialty clinic.

    Proven Cartridge Technology

    • Delivering unsurpassed accuracy, speed, and ease-of-use, Cepheid’s proven cartridge technology remains a cornerstone of the GeneXpert Omni.
    • Advanced microfluidics regulate all aspects of the testing process within the test cartridge — from sample preparation and nucleic acid extraction, to amplification and detection. Just add the patient sample and go.

    New, Innovative Design

    • At the heart of the GeneXpert Omni, solid state digital electronic architecture provides durability, portability, and connectivity — while lowering power consumption.
    • Component parts reduction improves reliability and serviceability.
    • Greater efficiency offers faster results.

    System Configuration & Connectivity

    • A simple, intuitive user interface is driven by a dedicated mobile device controlling a single module.
    • Discrete system configuration — mobile device to a single module —enables cost-effective deployment and sets a new standard of access to molecular testing in almost all environments.
    • Secure cloud-based connectivity integrates real-time data streams for greater productivity and performance.


    System Dimensions
    Height: 9.1”
    Width: 3.0”
    Depth: 4.2”
    Weight: 2.2lbs

    Integrated Rechargeable Battery
    Up to four (4) hours operation with unexpected interruption to power supply

    Supplemental Rechargeable Battery Supply (up to 12-hours of battery life)
    With variable to no power supply, a supplemental rechargeable battery provides freedom to operate for more than one day of testing

    System Data Storage Capacity
    A single system module can store 20,000+ test results

    Standard System Configuration
    1 x GeneXpert Omni single module
    1 x Mobile Device
    1 x AC/DC Power cord (country specific)
    1 x Supplemental Rechargeable Battery Power Supply
    1 x User Guide

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