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  • SmartMix™ HM is a premium master mix in Cepheid's proprietary bead format. In an easy-to-use 2.6mm bead, it provides all of the necessary reagents to perform PCR. SmartMix HM is optimized for single target and multiplexed real-time PCR reactions. Cepheid's SmartMix HM, manufactured under cGMP, also delivers increased stability and extended shelf life. By reducing pipetting steps, SmartMix HM helps reduce human errors and decrease the risk for contamination.


    SmartMix HM is consistently reproducible over a broad range of target concentrations.

    Dilution series of HSV DNA on the SmartCycler® System using SmartMix HM.


    SmartMix HM Delivered in Bead Format!

    SmartMix HM is packaged in our proprietary bead format and convenient Bead Dispenser.

    Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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    • Catalog #: SMHM1-150N-040

      SmartMix HM-40 (in dispenser)
      Number of Reactions: 40

    • Catalog #: SMHM1-100N-200

      SmartMix HM-200
      Number of Reactions: 200

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